Tracker2D is in active development. If you want to contribute, please do so! We have a GitHub repository, and we always need improved assets, feature suggestions, and even bug reports.

Want an example file to play around with? Download this file to somewhere on your PC and open it with the floppy disc icon in the far lower right corner. You can also click the "HELP" button in the bottom toolbar to pull up the documentation.

Protip: Use the QWERTY row and +/- keys to change pitch.

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Audio FX

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Flow Control

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Bug Storage

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Maybe this should be merged with queryInfo and the query Tool. Indicate to the user that you have to click on a tile in order to activate this tool!

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Flow Control Value:

Points to the tile at these coordinates:


Playfield Size:

Song Author:

Song Name:

Song Description:

Please note that shrinking the playfield will delete any data outside the new edges, and it might cause crashes. Also, large fields will be EXPONENTIALLY slower than small ones until further optimization is done.

Like many things, this window is under construction.

Paste Style:

Extrapolation Style:

Pitch Volume Audio FX Value

Play Sample When Pitch Key Is Pressed

Show Tool Reminders

UI Colors (Example - 64,128,255,0.5):

First 3 values (RGB) need to be between 0->255, value 4 (alpha) takes values between 0->1
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Bottom Bar
Tile Boundaries


Select which bug to edit with this menu.

Volume (multiplicative with global volume) (100%)

You can have up to 8 effects on every note. Hope your CPU can handle it! Some supporting UI features still need to be implemented.

Currently adding the following effects to each tile:

Currently not adding anything.